Writers Block

Writers Block

Have you ever been motivated to write but didn’t know where to start or how to simply continue? People suffering from writer’s block have no problem typing. They have a problem with lousy writing, sloppy writing, and writing that could convey the wrong feelings. Every writer, from a novelist to a student to a marketer, is familiar with this notion. Writer’s block is real, and it occurs frequently when there is a need to produce high-quality work at a pace. It’s irritating, to be sure, but it’s not unstoppable.


Yes of course taking a break, getting more sleep, or drinking caffeine may be some ways to alleviate this problem slightly but it’s not a solution.


A good starting point in this is to realize that like all skills, we improve with practice and review. There is never a need to stop writing even when in this block with fear that what you are typing is just not up to standard. One of the best ways to deal with this is to just write and realize that not perfect writing is not catastrophic.


The truth is when it comes to this mental block…


Let yourself loose!


You need to let your silly side out for a bit to get your creative juices flowing again.

Here are some ways of effectively pushing through writer’s block

  • Read More to Write Better
    • Reading will allow you to find inspiration in the way others write and it helps with analytical skills, expanded vocabulary, and intelligence.
    • Reading more will also allow you to be more educated and knowledgeable in areas that appease your target audience.
  • Take it easy on yourself
    • Not every writer is the next J.K. Rowling so do not hold extreme expectations that aren’t easy to meet, this will only worsen writer’s block
    • Taking constructive criticism is another good way to receive good, suggested edits, additions, or subtractions.
  • Establish a routine
    • Removing distractions and finding your creative time in the day, whether it be in the morning or at night, will allow you to be in a comfort zone when in the writing mood allowing you to be more creative and yourself.
  • Try de-stressors
    • Stress is one of the major factors in writer’s block in my opinion so finding something to do before or while taking breaks to help reduce stress levels is important
    • Socialize
    • Listen to Music
    • Exercise
  • Know your audience
    • Writing in a way that your reader can understand and connect to is important. This can be as simple as breaking down complex nomenclature into layman terms
    • The understanding of your audience can result in the end of writer’s block, whether it’s their buying decisions or their favorite type of content, this information can help kickstart ideas that help in content creation

Remember that you’re an excellent writer, which makes you a great content creator. Don’t worry if these suggestions don’t work. Every author uses a different approach. Do what works for you, write it down, and keep it in mind for when writer’s block strikes again. It’s not about getting rid of writer’s block for good. It’s about persevering in the face of difficulties so that you can continue to create.

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