Writers Block


Writers Block Writers Block Have you ever been motivated to write but didn’t know where to start or how to simply continue? People suffering from writer’s block have no problem typing. They have a problem with lousy writing, sloppy writing, and writing that could convey the wrong feelings. Every writer, from a novelist to a […]

Emotions in the World of Marketing

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Emotion in the World of Marketing What is Emotion Marketing Emotional marketing is the intentional use of persuasive messages that tap into human emotion in order to build a deep connection with the audience and achieve the intended outcome. It frequently appeals to a single emotion. Fear, anger, joy, or any other human emotion strong […]

How to Write a Market Research Plan

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How to Write a Market Research Plan First off, what is a market research plan? It’s a crucial document that details important information about your market research project, similar to a brief. An effective plan is often a critical factor in determining whether or not your market research efforts are successful, despite the fact that […]